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Concern “Bellegprom” resumes functioning of Electronic trading platform


Concern “Bellegprom” resumes functioning of electronic trade platform (ETP — TradeBel) which is placed to the address http://www.tradebel.com/. The TradeBel platform was created during the implementation of the project of the international technical assistance “Improvement of foreign economic activity in the Republic of Belarus”. The owner of the ETP is Concern “Bellegprom”. The financial support of the website is carried out at the expense of own means of the Concern. The aim of creation of the website was the promotion of the production of the enterprises of light industry of the Republic of Belarus using up-to-date marketing, informational and communicative technologies. TradeBel is a link between sellers and buyers, successful advertising of goods, services, actions, events etc.
The information on the website is open, the news is updated weekly. The ETP consists of two parts: open which is available to any Internet-user and closed. For access to the closed part (your personal cabinet) it is necessary to undergo the procedure of obligatory registration. The registration is free of charge.
Being registered as the Seller you get an opportunity: to load the catalog of goods; to monitor inquiries and to conclude bargains with potential buyers; to keep in touch with other users of the platform.
Being registered as the Buyer you get an opportunity: to operate the personal account and to edit the profile; to conclude bargains; to receive automatic notices of the last updates on the website; to communicate with other registered users.
The information provided on the ETP includes: information about goods, contacts of producers, terms of supply and logistics information, data on certification of goods and its compliance to the quality standards, etc.
The information which will be placed on the ETP will present not only the enterprises of Concern “Bellegprom”, but also the enterprises of light industry of the Republic of Belarus of any form of ownership.
The unique trading platform is developed to provide quick search both for producers and potential customers. The wide range of the presented brands, convenient placement of offers, time saving in the search of necessary information are advantages of the website for users.
It is also created the working group consisting of the specialists of the Concern for support of the website work.  

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